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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What documents are required to travel to Greece by car?

    Driver's License, Title of the vehicle (Registration of the vehicle), Pollution Under control Certificate, Car Insurance & Trip plan

  2. Is it possible to get Multiple Entry Visa?

    You may apply for Multiple Entry Visa with the need to travel details/documents or previous history of frequent travel

  3. What should be the time period for the Insurance, if a Multiple Entry Visa is applied for?

    Minimum period is of the first trip, but it is preferable to have it for the whole time period as the Visa

  4. How long can one stay in Greece with a Multiple Entry Visa?

    No longer than 90 days in 6 months

  5. How many empty pages should be available in the passport in case children are endorsed?

    There should be at least 2 empty pages for each applicant

  6. What documents are required for members of Yatch competition?

    Invitation or Proof of Participation in the Sport Event written on an official letterhead of the company (with address and telephone number), mentioning the full data of the applicant and signed by an official representative of the Host Entity. Only the original or a faxed copy of the Invitation can be accepted

  7. What category would a Religious visit come under?

    Cultural Events

  8. Could a Son-in-law from Greece be a Sponsor of his Mother-in-law from Russia?

    Yes, it is considered as a Close Relative

  9. Is it possible to order Courier Delivery of passports to Belarus?

    We have courier delivery only in the limits of Russian Federation

  10. When can I apply if I got a refusal?

    If your application is not admissible, then you can apply the next day as well

  11. Do I need to give Old Passports with Schengen visas?

    You need to carry your Old Passport with the copies of all pages containing any information and it will be returned at the Visa Centre on verification

  12. Will the Visa Fee increase if a Multiple Entry Visa is applied for?

    No, it won't. The Visa Fee will remain the same

  13. Could I take my Pet animal with me on trip?

    Yes you can if you have the following documents: Travel Document of the animal with Medical Certificate of fitness & Vaccination

  14. If I am below 18 yrs, can I apply by myself?

    Applicants below the age of 18 yrs should be represented by another person legally valid for representation. Your Visa Application Form should be signed by the person legally valid for representation.